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I began my insurance career in Life insurance due to a passion to share my personal experience. It helped my family to have member realize their dreams of what their greatness was to be. I do not believe that would ever have happened if I did not take the 1st step at age 22 to purchase a whole life insurance policy.

Since then this as taken me to many different quests and delivered many checks to clients whom lost a loved one. People in general believe that the company they work for insures their life. That is true for the time they work at that company. However, most people have 3-4 jobs in a life time and that policy does not transfer with you. The only way to keep one in force and with you all the time is when you take one out on yourself and define your beneficiaries. This will allow you to chance jobs and have a lower premium.

Today Policies are much better than when I purchased my first one many years ago. Now IUL also have living benefit’s for Critical Illness…
Let me share my experience to your benefit.
Serving San Marcos, San Diego, California, and most states
Licensed Property and Casualty Life and Health in CA AZ NV
CA License # 0H71378 NV 3247388

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Joe Pospichal
My mission is to help businesses protect their property, people and assets, and seniors and families protect their financial security and plan for their futures. I hold myself to the highest level of personal and professional integrity and promise only to recommend insurance product solutions that are in my client’s best interest.

I have been a resident of San Diego since 2000, and have worked in the insurance industry for more than 16 years. I am licensed in 7 states, and I am Certified in Long Term Care.

Lic# 0F24946